Other than our families, what greater investment do we make than in our homes?

For years, people in Louisville’s many diverse neighborhoods have come to trust their remodeling, renovation and construction projects to Peg Alexander.

From your original vision through to the ultimate execution of each detail, you’ll be assured of Peg’s personal attention to excellence, communication and responsiveness.

To say we’re proud of our work is an understatement.

You see, at Alexander Construction Services, we don’t just show up, do the work, and then leave for our homes out in the suburbs — we actually live nearby. Your home is part of our community, so we not only understand how important your home is to you, but value you as our partners.

Take a little time to review our portfolio of work. Chances are, you live quite close to a property we’ve helped rejuvenate, so we don’t think of you as a potential client — we think of you as a new friend and neighbor.

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